Betta Fish Food for Adults and Fry | Pellets, Flakes, Frozen, Freeze Dried, Live Cultures

MORE INFO: Here are some of the examples of the variety of fish food that I feed my adult, juvenile, and betta fry. I also use this food to feed my other community fish.

The different types of food are:
Keep in mind that pellets come in different sizes. Some float and some sink. Overfeeding CAN cause bloat as they expand in water.

Flakes are messy… but they are very common.

Frozen food is AWESOME..but might not be worth getting if you only have one or two fish. Some examples of frozen food are: Bloodworms, Daphnia, Mysis Shrimp, Beef Heart… ect

★Freeze Dried
Great option for a varied diet if you only have few fish. Examples: Bloodworms, Tubifex worms.

The repashy gel is great..but you can make your own formula. There are many tutorials online.

★Live Cultures
This required some upkeep and can be difficult or easy.. but is a great money saver and a fish FAVORITE. Some examples are: Vinegar eels, Grindle worms, fruit flies, mosquito larva, white worms..ect

The new food that I ordered can be found at Kens Fish:
(This is NOT a sponsored video. I just think this food is at a GREAT price)
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18 Responses to Betta Fish Food for Adults and Fry | Pellets, Flakes, Frozen, Freeze Dried, Live Cultures

  1. 80.8f betta club oahu grown

    Try chopping up the frozen foods. You can feed them to your fry at a younger age. I tend to feed them frozen bloodworms 95% of the time.

  2. Daxisapit AJ

    I use those Green Calcium Pellets for my mystery snail and he LOVES them! I also buy my bettas food from the same person and he loves it as well! I buy them off amazon from S & C Aquatics but it is the same stuff I believe.

  3. fish bread

    Is it okay if you can cover bloating/constipation problems with betta fish? It seems like a really common issue. I have been going through a tough time trying to get to reduce my bettas bloat. Tried every method, to the epsom salt treatment, QT tank, a change in food brands, frozen foods, and green peas… I was just wondering, is it safe to fast my bettas? Thank you for the informative video!

  4. Shruthy R.

    That moment when you finish re-watching the video and you remember that you still haven't fed your fish. Luckily it was in the morning when I realized this. 😛

  5. Life in a Zoo

    Is it bad for my betas to eat algae wafers

  6. Yeps

    Quick questions, I showed my male to my female betta when I first got him, not knowing they would fall in love. So a few days later she had an egg on her belly and she is slightly bloated and keeps floating to the top and my male made a giant bubble nest and I don't know what to do? It's been a few days and I'm wondering if they'll die from stress? And if I'm planning on breeding them after my vacation, will they still breed? And does my girl have swim bladder disease?

  7. Mohammed Ali

    My cat likes to eat my betta's freeze dried brine shrimps

  8. wickedman22 Betta's

    late I'm number 2,700 but I liked it your awesome

  9. Inglorious Bettas

    I love hearing about what other people feed their fish! Thanks for the info

  10. Alluring Bettas

    Hope Mr. Bubbles is doing good! ❤️ that guy.

  11. Fabiola Palop

    Ah this is so helpful!! I just recently got a betta so this is great.

  12. Jodi Bradley

    any tips on where to order frozen online? or comparable options as I can't get it near me.

  13. Mega8884

    I really want to be a betta mum and I've done my homework/research on betta care however I'm still too scared to set up my first tank as I'm worried I'll end up killing him/her if I do get one…. i want to get a proper aquarium set up with plenty of room for the betta to explore but I'm just too chicken to finally get everything and begin my journey into the aquarium hobby…. sign

  14. James Victor

    I feed my betta blood worms and pellets . I tried feeding him brine shrimp but he hates it ? I dont know why

  15. Ant's Manila

    Hi Kasia I need your help I have just bred my yellow koi last month and actualy im seeing dead fry one by one everyday ….What should I do Please reply as fast as you can Im begging you Please

  16. Andrew Kim

    Do I have to feed betta fry live food or can I give them fry starter food instead?


    Guys check my betta fish at my chanell

  18. Rayan Suhrwardy

    My betta doesn't eat bloodworms. He just spits them out but he likes pellets.

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