Best Freeze Dried Cat Treats: Ragdoll Cats Chomp Down on Whole Life Pet Treats – Floppycats

Whole Life Freeze Dried Pet Treats

Ragdoll Cats Chomp Down on Whole Life Freeze Dried Pet Treats – Floppycats – Uniting Ragdoll Cat Lovers Worldwide

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10 Responses to Best Freeze Dried Cat Treats: Ragdoll Cats Chomp Down on Whole Life Pet Treats – Floppycats

  1. mystrawind

    I buy those for my girl. She loves them. I also take the crumbs in the bag and add hot water making "chicken soup". She loves that too!

  2. Pamela Devereux

    My 2 Raggies love the chicken,and salmon flavors.

  3. usakiwi5222

    I also use Whole Life Freeze dried chicken, because of your video over a year ago or so. And I also call them 'cheats' because you(chuckling as I type) It was your high pitched kitty voice that cracked me up and so I started saying that. My cat now knows what that means!! HAHA I have tried other treats but always go back to Whole Life, and will probably not change again due to a reaction he had on the other kind of treat. OH… the 'crumbs/dust' in the bottom of the bag saved us from having to buy a different food, I sprinkle that on top and he eats it without a problem. I swear he doesn't like or want healthy! HA! THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with us!

  4. TheAndreagon29

    0:03 (gasp) where did Triggy come from?

  5. Giraffe5895

    Your videos would be so much better, if you wouldnt do your high pitch voice.

  6. littlekitties87

    These are on auto-refill at my house. One of my cats has a lot of allergies, so I stick with simple ingredients. I need to figure out the best way to rehydrate them for my cat with very few teeth left haha.

  7. Jeremy&Luigi

    They really love it! Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  8. ComfOrt Lining thermal denture adhesive

    Just got Daisy some of these, before our trip. She loved them! Hers were the rabbit ones

  9. Rachel W

    Chiggy looked so cute eating those treats!!! Charlie, too! The treats I fead my two are actually pill pockets. Somebody gave them to me (unopened) at my veterinary clinic, and when Lycan and Kaki both were on medication, I thought I'd give them a try. They love them, but I don't want to stick to those treats after the bag is empty. I'm really curious about Orijen's treats, have you heard anything about or tried them? I feed Orijen dry food in between my morning and night can feedings and am wondering if my two will enjoy their treats as much as their food.

    I am in the process of transitioning to an all canned diet- slowly but surly!

  10. Patti Johnson

    Lovely video, Jenny! "Treatsaneatsas!" Lurve that term! So cute! Wow! They are really chowing down on those huge pieces of the freeze-dried chicken breasts. Chiggy really digs them. He really hoovered (or should I say roomba'd) that big piece right up! Lurve how they both went for the biggest piece first! I'm going to have to try these again with Miss PSB. First time I tried them she just didn't want to eat them dry so I moistened them a bit and she still turned her nose up. Of course, when I mix them in with her wet food she's okay. Her fave treatsies are the Red Barn Grain-Free treats in Turkey & Chicken. She gobbled those right up the first time I tried them with her. Big hugs & lots of love! 🙂 <3

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