Best Food For Pet Hedgehogs?!?

In this video I discuss hedgehog foods. My 7+ year old hedgehog has lived her whole life on mostly Blue Buffalo / Royal Canine + freeze dried insects.

20 Responses to Best Food For Pet Hedgehogs?!?

  1. Abbey Cormier

    Blue buffalo grain free has 14% fat, and I am hearing from another breeder that they should have no more than 10%… I am buying my hedgie from this breeder but you really know what you're talking about too. What should I do?

  2. Jennifer Alexander

    I am concerned when i get my new baby hedgehog it will sleep all the time so i wont get to play with it is it ok to wake them up for some play time or should i let them wake up naturally.

  3. Sunil Patel

    what English cat food for hedgehog???

  4. Jennifer Alexander

    I read in my hedgehog book that girl hedgehogs are more prone to getting cancer than boy hedgehogs is this true.

  5. Pot Noodles

    My hedgehogs fussy she won't eat chicken or a lot or fruit and veg what do I do she's been like that since I got her

  6. Renea Bailey

    What type of royal can in food do you feed?

  7. Jared Ramirez

    Can Veggies be simple for them as well

  8. 10

    I wanna own a hedgehog but is it ok if i don't feed it mealworms?

  9. Carl Carandang

    ThAt hedgehog is damn old

  10. sophia schmid

    At 0:39 Jasmine pooped lol

  11. hui zhen

    is the cat food for kittens or ?

  12. Galaxy Gals

    blue buffulo noted

  13. Juian Dot K

    Hi! Love your videos! Btw, what type of royal canin do you use?

  14. Farly The Kat

    Hello I picked up a baby hedgehog last month on the 16th of November it was 14:00 afternoon the sun was shining and he was on the pavement. I started doing research like mad and I’m learning about hedgehogs. I went to the vet but the vet has no idea about exotic animals. Well I’ll get to the point I’ve been feeding him Royal Canin kitten milk cause that’s what I could get my hands on his been fine about two days ago I’ve been adding a little bit of baby cereal rice to the formula and a kitten ball of última good quality. Just one ball of food but he has very bad diarrhoea and he doesn’t want to wonder around the living room. He just wants to sleep.He’s not cold. But I’ve put him on my belly and rubbed him well he has gone twice very bad and he smells a bit like sick but I don’t want to pamper him cause he might get cold. I calculate he is 3 weeks old. I need some advice what should he eat? How much water? And Can I give him water while his like this? I did cause I thought it was the most normal thing to do.

  15. Lisa Art

    My vet told me to stop using Blue Buffalo. They've lied about the true ingredients in their food.

  16. alisa0718

    I am planning on getting a hedgehog soon and didn't know if Purina Cat Food – Chicken & Turkey is the 'best quality food?' I'm new on this hedgehog thing and was wondering if that brand would be good enough for a hedgie? Thanks so much, your videos are so informative!

  17. motovlog mutant

    so I know nothing about hedge hogs at all lol I've just found one in my chicken coop and brought it into an old cat carrier is this wrong do wild hedge hogs carry diesises

  18. Lady Vodkka

    Where I live we don't have much options so I need to choose from either royal canin kitten (pink bag) or hills for kittens(science diet). Also, we don't have many veterinarians trained to work with exotic pets, so I was recommended to give my hedgehog "Equilibrio for kittens" which is what I feed her nowadays. Can you tell me if I should change it, and if so to which brand? thank you!

  19. Davin Aubade

    can we feed meow mix cat food .

  20. julieholiday69

    My husband has wanted a hedgehog for almost 5 years… This year a work friend needed to re-home his hedgie Lina so I so okay. We call her Grumpy Pickle, he works a lot so she spends most her time with me but I've heard that sometimes the food can effect the stiffness of their spines. Is this true? Even when she is very cozy she is stiff, I am diabetic so sticks and picks don't bother me but if there something I can do to improve her home life I would like to know. Also we have only had her 3 weeks and she is over a year old. Thank you- Julie

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