Bass taxidermy part 3

This is the final installment of my largemouth bass taxidermy series showing how I airbrush and paint the fish as well as the finished product.I use createx paints and a bear air double action airbrush.

6 Responses to Bass taxidermy part 3

  1. Bill C

    not the right color green in my area I catch bass

  2. Thiago Recco

    Man! What a wonderful Job! Im from Brasil and never see nothing like that. Here we have the peacock Bass . Ill try to follow your Steps in my next catch. You do It for Job or sell the fishes? How much you can sell a masterwork like that? Thanks!!!

  3. yourbudjerry

    Very nice job. Looks much more lifelike with that paint job versus a lot of dots along the lower side I see people doing with an air brush. Great job blending.

  4. Mathieu Jieran

    Nicely done! What colors did you use while doting the lateral line? Is it okay to use acrylic paint instead? thanks man.

  5. Tehh Rave x

    This is awesome, well done!

  6. Superior Fly Company

    very nice job

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