Bad Pet Food ⎢Dr. Marty Goldstein ⎢Martha Stewart

Martha and veterinarian Dr. Marty Goldstein share some bad foods that you should never feed you dog, and answer questions from our studio audience.

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Bad Pet Food ⎢Dr. Marty Goldstein ⎢Martha Stewart

20 Responses to Bad Pet Food ⎢Dr. Marty Goldstein ⎢Martha Stewart

  1. freedomphilosophy

    Dr. Marty Goldstein is a con artist.

  2. IsabellasCorner
  3. Sasha1939

    Never saw anyone who loves the sound of his own voice more than Goldstein.

  4. JenTube

    What do you recommend for blood in urine of 6 yr old persian cat? I’ve been giving her diluted organic apple cider vinegar with a suringe. Goes away but comes back shortly after I stop giving her the ACV.

  5. Karen Mitchell

    Garlic is okay in moderation. It can benefit your dog

  6. Jeanne Nelson

    My German Shorthaired Pointer female ate an entire box of Godiva chocolate and it had no effect on her. The dog we had before her — a Lab/Pointer mix — stole a box of chocolate once, at an entire dieffenbachia once with no bad effects. At the suggestion of an authority at the time I finely chopped raw garlic and gave it to my lab/pointer mix every few days in his wet food. It apparently helped to kill worms in his system as well as repel ticks and fleas; it also gave him pleasant(er) smelling breath! A dog I rescued reportedly haunted bars and pizza parlors along Broadway on NYC's Upper West Side and regularly ate pizzas of all kinds and lapped up straight vodka. Of course, I don't condone that kind of a diet and her rescue-owner fed her a proper doggie diet, but it goes to show that there are no hard and fast rules, only guidelines and opinions. We must research like crazy and get the opinions and studies from a variety of sources and then make the best decisions. I do agree that we should not proactively feed our pets chocolate, toxic plants and other suspected bad things, but we also need to be well informed on the facts and keep up with current research.

  7. Alexander Petrohv

    my dachshund once stole a praline package from the shelve, opened it, ate it and then vomitted. when we came back we only saw the opened box and the vomit on the floor. and a very guilty looking puppy. we had luck, so the dogs body knows what to do in some cases.

  8. nilla880

    No grapes ever!

  9. noyeh prater

    My dog will eat anything, he is a garbage gut. One day I dropped a broccoli on the floor and my dog scambled over and gobbled it up.

  10. Elizabeth Torres

    My dog found a halloween bag full of chocolate. Must've eaten a pound of chocolate. Nothing happened. She had an iron stomach :O
    Grapes gave her seizures, though.

  11. Boxergirls

    Raw garlic and onions are toxic in large amounts. Cooked garlic and onions are much less dangerous, but can still cause problems if eaten in large quantities. No one knows why grapes and raisins are toxic and they don't seem to affect every dog, but just a handful can (and will) kill some dogs. Chocolate is the most common food toxin in dogs, but even then deaths are fairly rare. Baking chocolate is the worst and, of course, the size of the dog plays a big part in how bad the reaction is.

  12. sherona neville

    Another friend of mine gave her dog small amounts of garlic when a sore on her dogs leg was not clearing up. The dog recovered very quickly after that. I agree with you.

  13. sherona neville

    My friend was feeding her small dog on Vitapet dog food and her dog became very sick with liver problems. The vet said it was because of the vitapet food. Apparently its full of toxic rubbish.Just thought Id let pple know.

  14. Giveit2mehRAW

    Garlic is a powerful antimicrobial and antibiotic and is effective in fighting various forms of internal or external bacterial, viral, or fungal infections including parasites. Garlic has detoxifying effects. Uncooked garlic mixed in with food helps to lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels in dogs.

  15. Giveit2mehRAW

    Garlic is good for your dog. I have been feeding my dog garlic for 9 years. Here are the benefits of feeding your dog garlic.

    GARLIC – a great source of potassium, zinc, vitamins A and C, and selenium, as well as manganese, copper, vitamin B1 and some iron. Garlic stimulates immune functions in the bloodstream by increasing the activities of killer cells (cells that seek out and destroy invading microbes and cancer cells). Cont.

  16. godsfiddler

    @shadowfax123 Exactly. Raw diets are very easy. We switched to raw from Purina over 2 yrs ago.

  17. Eszra

    My mom fed her dog peeled seedless grapes every so often and nothing happened to her.

  18. ash3227

    @EbolaV1rus Eagle Pack switched the chicken in their food to pork without giving warning to customers. My dog got SO sick.

  19. FalinPerth

    FYI: Xylitol can KILL dogs.(in many sugar free products, candy, gum) Like chocolate, if a big dog eats a little it'll be ok; if small dog eats even a couple sticks of gum they can die! And many dogs like mint flavoring so please watch where you leave your gum pack. Check out ASPCA animal poison control center website for the latest info. Also, garlic/onions are cumulatively toxic to cats. If they eat even just a little on a regular basis for months they can become dangerously anemic.

  20. Here for The comments

    To Superkewl12… learn about pet food before you post! (5 stars is best.)

    chicken meal (5 stars) found in 17% of pet food products analyzed
    Concentrated chicken meat, more protein since water weight has been removed. Excellent source of protein for cats, good source for dogs.

    chicken, fresh (3 stars) found in 1% of pet food products analyzed
    Chicken contains 84% water weight which robs the protein value from food but gets chicken listed high on label. Just looks high quality

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