Baby the Friendly Alligator – My mother’s pet

A more recent video of my mother’s alligator. It is extremely tame since she raised it from uber tiny. I wish you could hear how it purs. The alligator, “Baby” was given to a preservation in Florida when she got too big.

Check out Baby as a baby:

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19 Responses to Baby the Friendly Alligator – My mother’s pet

  1. UNIT104099032

    3 Years from now, “50 Year Old woman eaten by pet alligator while sleeping on couch.”

  2. Metroz Eegle

    1:12 "she loves us". Yeah, she loves you… Especially with BBQ sauce !

  3. Mr,Ree


  4. Donnell Braxton

    why cant the world be peaceful like if this was possible then anything can be possible

  5. divaquana

    wow this is Prime examples of why people should not own exotic animals.. shes poking its eyes and trying to make it do circus tricks!

  6. Chris S

    If you think iguanas are grumpy reptiles you've never owned a crocodile they get 100× bigger then a male iguana and will not think twice to rip your arm off as a large adult

  7. Lu G.

    Accident waiting to happen rings a bell

  8. Tommy Crump

    omg she's gorgeous, I bet she's super big now

  9. Evelyn Walker

    Hi baby, you are so damn cute!!

  10. mad max

    Animal cruelty

  11. E2 M5

    Bih u cray cray!!!

  12. Nose Nose

    Her husband should give her a more active sexual life

  13. ThatZombyKid TM

    * Apex Predator *

  14. Spocklee

    Yeah it's cute till it grows up and eats your torso for lunch

  15. Nobushi Kensei

    This baby will eat u when it's older… I will go buy a grave…

  16. DEdens1525

    Aww Baby wanna bite your fingers off.

  17. the rengar main

    is this thing is real?

  18. Ciara McCarthy

    It so cute ❤️

  19. Theinternetover9000

    How does one get an alligator to keep as a pet, I’d totally train an alligator

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