Ask a Mortician- Pet Death

Putting the “Cat” in RequiesCAT In Pace.




Ending mUsic- “Crazy People” by The Boswell Sisters

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  1. papiXchuko

    For some reason My Pets runway .

  2. Brooke Croff

    RIP Meow, an icon.

  3. Elba-Gloria Rangel-Erazo

    1) How great are you! (note: exclamation of truth, not question). 2) I wish I'd known of other pet disposal means/uses. My 20-year old turtle, Frankie died this year, and when I was asked if I wanted his cremated remains, despite my despair, I said "I live in an apartment building; I can't do anything of value with them." BOY WAS I WRONG! (3) Thanks for your perspective! (4) I got a clay imprint of his paws/nails a couple weeks later, phone calls expressing sympathy, and a card from the Vet expressing their sympathy for the loss of my family member. This, more than anything or anyone, helped me move on. THANK YOU Vets and "Morticians!" (I'm using the title very loosely so that it encompasses anyone who partook in the celebration of the life and death of my Frankie.)

  4. l o

    We buried my dog's ashes in rose pot and have it outside since my dog loved being in the yard

  5. 1-800 Illuminati

    my mom had both our deceased cats cremated. she keeps the boxes with their ashes on her bedside table.

  6. timberjack460

    My shih tzu frank died on the way to the vet to be put down so we just buried him near my pond, he was a good dog, possibly retarded and definitely blind but also definitely a good dog. We got another shih tzu a few months later, this one is named Fred

  7. Kazuki933

    I had to put my first Hedgehog to sleep on September 2nd, 2017. It was sad that the vet I found to look at her to see what was going on with her was the first time I ever came to that clinic. We now made that vet the permanent one we go to for all of our exotics. Anyway, so I knew that something was horribly wrong with my hedgehog, Snowy, and I had tried different things to see if her breathing would get better (tried different bedding to see if that changed anything) only to find she was dragging her back legs when she was ok a few days before. My sister and I stayed in the freezing exam room for a long time with me cuddling her. I told my sister that I thought I knew what our vet would say. And with a sorry face the vet said we could prolong her life, probably making her suffer in the process, or put her to sleep since what she had was not reversible and eventually fatal. I can't tell you how much my sister and I cried. I got to be with her through the whole thing and while I didn't want her to go I knew it was the best thing so she was not hurting anymore. She couldn't run on her wheel or even get to her food dish at all. The vet left the room and said she would give us a little while to make our good byes to her. She asked if we wanted to go back while they put her to sleep and I said yes. I got to carry her to a different room where I put her on a towel and the vet used a gas to make her sleep. I remember petting her quills and little belly for a bit before the vet started. She couldn't find a vein in my hedgies leg to stick the needle and after a few attempts she asked if we still wanted to stay because she would have to put the needle directly in the heart. I said yes. I was there while she passed and I felt like I had control of how my beloved pet left me. I was also asked before then how I wanted her after her death. I was given a couple options but in the end I decided to have her cremated and sent back to me so I could have her forever. I wont live at the place I'm at forever so I will always be able to take her with me if I move. Her ashes now sit in a little pine box a local artisan made and gave to me cheap. It's a simple box but it's beautiful to me. I also had a memorial plaque made with her picture and some writing on it. The vet did something I didn't know they would do. They made two round disks made of clay and made little tiny paw prints in them with hearts in the corners that I only had to bake to preserve them. They also sent out a card signed by everyone at the office even though it was only the first time I had been there. It was touching and I am so glad I went to that vet clinic, I've never met better people that care for the well being of both the animals they care for as well as their owners.

  8. JessicaAmy145

    I lost my Polly about ten years ago, I then vowed never to get another cat because I didn’t want to go through the heartbreak again. Here I am, with my little ginger girl who’s an absolute little sweetie. I’m dreading the day I have to say goodbye to her. She’s my little baby 🙁

  9. Ali Bentz

    I'm so glad you talked about this. Our baby Briar Rose McGrowlen had to be put down due to a congenital pancreatic disease, which is unheard of in golden retrievers. She was only 10 months old, and we were devastated. Now, I grew up on a farm, and with a veterinarian for a mother. A death of an animal isn't uncommon, especially since I worked at the vet clinic too. But, man I wanted to slap the lady at my work who kept telling me she was "just a dog."
    I'm so glad you took the time to talk about the fact that people greive just as much if not more with a animal companion.

  10. Kathie Cassidy-Smith

    All my babies have been cremated and are living in my display cabinet, love having them still with me. So many people think I'm crazy, meh!

  11. mopeemar

    My dog died this morning and I thought nothing would help then I saw this video

  12. imanasaurus rex

    My dog is my best and only friend….

  13. Pam Duncan

    Actually, we have had vets send us paw prints and paw molds of pets we have lost and had cremated – as part of the 'cremation package' I guess you would call it (apparently the funeral industry is getting into the world of pet after life care too). My daughter likes having ashes of her pets, it started with the first one she ever lost and sort of became her 'tradition'. Many years ago it was just a a local crematorium that did pets and you got the ashes back after a week.. no big fuss or anything. Now its not quite so uncomplicated. First, of all I should mention that it does nor seem like anyone is milking this for too much money as pet cremation still seems to be by weight and the price per pound hasn't seemed to have jumped up much over the past years. But now you do have choices — besides given options of taking pet home do do with as you see fit, you can opt for cremation (and pick out things like type of Urn – anything from a cardboard container to a nice marble urn and choices of what to do with the ashes) to actual burial in a pet cemetery and that can be anything from DIY (although they prep the ground so the burial is in the right place) to one conducted much like a human burial including a casket and vault. Actually, many of the Police Dogs in our area get a full service funeral (paid for by the Police Association like a human officer) and its the full deal including casket and vault, graveside services and so on. These can be a bit pricey but if that is what you want for your companion so be it. We actually did consider it for one pet but we ended up with our traditional cremation procedure since my daughter wanted ashes from all of her pets in one place and did not want one pet buried in a cemetery and all the others on her dresser

  14. Tiara Ferguson

    When my dad died we planted a garden on top of his ashes.

  15. Scott Muto

    When my grandparents cat Chief died he was buried in a corner of the garden and a rose bush was planted on top of him. When I was in the Army my mom would send me cards from our dog with a stamping of her paw.

  16. Tasoq

    I like the planting a tree with ones ashes

  17. Frankie Jay

    All my cats are cremated – so they can be with us at all time <3

  18. Michelle Despres

    My bff is a lilac point Siamese who is currently curled up on my lap. I thought it was him purring during the intro of this video. They have the same loud ass purr.

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