Ask a Mortician- Home Death & Wake For Your Pet

*~*~* RIP, The Meow *~*~*


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17 Responses to Ask a Mortician- Home Death & Wake For Your Pet

  1. Tiffany Kinney

    Balling my eyes out…

  2. Frankie Jay

    I'm super sorry for your loss of The Meow but…………. that last clip of her in that scarf and the lavender made me literally die laughing – I have tears in my eyes from laughing too hard <3

  3. Woouderhause

    Im in the process of working on this with my dog. He has a large, cancerous tumor the size of a lemon on his leg. I made the choice for home euthanasia a long time ago. I don't want my dogs last day to be spent on a stressful car trip, and then on a cold steel table. I'd rather have him home, curled up in my lap.

  4. Michelle Despres

    I am crying like a little girl. I have big huge tears running down my face. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. I lay here with my Siamese curled up in my lap feeling very blessed for the time I have with him in my life. You should absolutely adopt a shelter cat or two in The Meow's memory. What better way to honor her. I have cremated all of my animals that have passed. Living in a condo really makes it difficult to create a pet cemetery. I'm sure there's a rule, "No burying dead pets in the common areas" punishable by a $200 fine.

  5. Allison Antisdel

    I’m new to this channel. I didn’t even know she had a kitty until watching this, and I’m still bawling my eyes out.

  6. Leelz247

    Aaaand crying.

  7. Robin N

    I am a new subscriber and I just love all if your videos! This one especially was truly amazing. My ferret Squee was very old and had hypoglycemia. I wont go into the details of his death but we had him put to sleep to end suffering. I held him all the way home from the vet and then we buried him at my husbands moms property. The next year my 11 year old yorkie got very sick. We opted for an expensive surgery that had 50/50 odds of working. She made it through and lived for two weeks before she collapsed and had to be rushed to emergency care. I held her while they put her to sleep. We had her cremated and part of her ashes put into a blown glass heart. The company is based out of Seattle and is called and they work with all ashes both human and animal. They are amazing. I have two senior dogs and your video has inspired me on some things to do when they pass. The one thing I always stress to people is that your pets do not fear death, only abandonment. So just make thier passing as comfortable and living as possible. Home euthanasia is an amazing option. Thank you for your videos and all the information. Sorry for the mini novel!

  8. Daniel Jennerman

    I watched this video and just started crying. My 13 year old mini dachshund Maggie has been with me since she was 8 weeks old. I dread the day when she passes.

  9. nicole k

    I literally cried this whole video thinking about my own cats death…..she's only 3 -_-

  10. Kay Harry

    cried my eyes out. im sorry you lost your fur baby

  11. button

    I was fine until the little montage at the end I’m in tears now lol

  12. Chronically Curious

    Well done! What a yoyo! I went from laughing (forever alone vibe) to being like awww Because I could tell in your voice right before the opening sequence that you were feeling that moment sincerely. Then crying, remembering my cat and his sort of traumatic terminal illness and death, then burying him. Then laughing again at the blow drying. Then crying again. It sucks that we have to go through these losses, but it does help kids have some interaction with death hopefully before a close family member dies so they learn gradually. And, since I always get cats from shelters, my thought is… they were going to have some kind of life and death anyway. It's just my job to make sure it's the best one possible. Let's make the most of those years. My 2-yo Bombay cat, Arwen, hopefully has a lot of good healthy years left, but I do think I'll start saving away. For all she does for me, especially on bad pain days, she deserves it.

  13. panicsatdiscos

    Thank you, Caitlin. I watch all of your videos and love you in a super not creepy way. Coffin births caught my eye and I fell HARD down the death positivity hole. I am a generally open and accepting person, but death is something I don't have a lot of experience with. I have learned so much from you and am beyond grateful for this knowledge. I feel empowered and responsible to give my loved ones the good death they deserve. My dog is 18.43 years old, or 128 in dog years. I've had him almost all my life. He's a beagle and my very best friend. This video was very personal for me and I am especially thankful for it. Thank you again for all of your work. I respect and appreciate you more than I can say. Rest peacefully, the meow.

  14. Christia Mark

    We had a home euthanize for my mom's dog. It was the best thing for all of us. We started to heal there and then.

  15. Flutter_bat_16_

    When my first pet bird died, I was ten. She was sitting in my cupped hands, and I looked to the side to check on my younger brother, but turned back when I felt Sherbet stop moving. She looked up at me, laid her head down, and closed her eyes, resting her head in my palm. I didn’t realize what happened at first, but I slowly came to the realization. I started sobbing and cradling her body next to my chest. My dad heard me sobbing and came downstairs. He tried to take her body, but I refused. He called Mom to come home from work, she had to work that weekend, and told her the situation. Mom came home to see me curled up on the couch in a little ball, still holding her. After three hours of crying and my mom trying to comfort me, I finally said Dad could bury her. He went into the workshop in the basement and made a small wooden box that I filled with little scraps of soft cloth and flower petals. We sealed the lid with wood glue to protect her body and went to bury her in the backyard. I set her coffin in the hole and my dad filled the hole afterwards, me still sitting by crying. I don’t think I genuinely smiled for two weeks after that. I would spend hours sitting by her grave, tending to the day lilies I had planted as a headstone. I like to think that my current bird, Abi, might have a bit of sherbet in him. They were from the same breeder and he was born the day she died, so it was comforting to think maybe sherbet came back in the form of my pet and best friend.

  16. Midevil_Cat_512 -Games

    The ending broke my heart

  17. Nicole Mazurek

    That was beautiful in your open comically calming way. Thank you.

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