ARGUING with my pet “COBRA”, Pissy !!!

I’ve gotten so many requests to bring Pissy back onto the channel. Well, here’s a video of him in an argument with me, as always. Nothing new there.

Oh, if you didn’t catch the joke, Pissy isn’t an actual Cobra (apart from him thinking he’s one). He’s a Western Hognose Snake (Heterodon nasicus).

Comment down if you’d like to see more of him in future videos 😀


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20 Responses to ARGUING with my pet “COBRA”, Pissy !!!

  1. Exotics Lair

    Why Pissy's messages only lasted 0.1 secs..?
    Well.. that's how long his "sentences" lasted every time he "spoke" 😀

  2. Gordon Freeman

    He's just sneezing

  3. Damian Bos

    I know what the snake said
    Get the fuck out of here or I gone sisss your asss

  4. Lizbeth SummerWolf

    He’ll probably be pissed off when he’s sleeping

  5. ThePoacherz

    You blow dried my dinner and you call me pissy?

  6. Amy Brady

    Adorable :3

  7. Charlie The Badger OwO

    He is so cute!!!!

  8. John Seebach

    24 hour service

  9. John Seebach

    Me while watching Youtube

  10. Wheel Barrow538

    pissy XD
    At first i thought it was because he pissed everywhere XD

  11. KLFlava_Speedbuilds

    Stop touching him before he really bites you

  12. Bagabones Felis

    Pussy has " Cattitude"! Hahaha! Lol!

  13. FIREFOXM16

    that snake is awesome he suits his name very well

  14. Jack Dryden

    But why's he called Pissy?

  15. Angie Ridgill

    Dang now I see why his name is pissy because that's always how he acts lol. What did u ever do him? Nothing so pissy CALM DOWN

  16. skinny jason

    so cute ❤️

  17. muffin grill

    me when a piece of skittle is not colored properly

  18. Kiera Paul

    Pissy is such an awful name ):

  19. Brite Bomber

    The hisses sound like little sneezes it’s so adorable

  20. Koda ExAssassin

    He’s pissed off 24/7? Sounds like my girlfriend on her period

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