Animals Frozen to Death at Petco and PetSmart Supplier

PETA’s eyewitness found that small animals were deprived of basic care, terrorized by cats, and gassed en masse in a cooler at a supplier to PetSmart and Petco. Learn how you can help:

17 Responses to Animals Frozen to Death at Petco and PetSmart Supplier

  1. A weirdo thats gaming

    Well, never leaving my dog at petco

  2. animal lover5432

    I'm crying because I love animals

  3. Hanna Batterby

    Stop killing animals
    Shut them down if the are treating animals bad or report them

  4. Elliott Widdup

    I can’t watch this

  5. Ella Bella

    I would rather save these animals than pretty much anything

  6. Sad Human

    I can’t believe I got my hamster at petco

  7. Soraya Roche

    I feel like crying fucking disgusting why would you even hurt an animal I have 2 dogs if they get a scratch I panic

  8. Kevin Lau

    those animals suppose to be on the wild, not pets and locked in cages

  9. The Cuter The Crazyer Wolf

    Hell no. I am never going to any pet store!

  10. Katie Holmes

    I’m crying

  11. Leslie Canchola

    I'm not getting anything from that store

  12. Lydia Bangs

    The suppliers are assholes

  13. maya Holloway

    Wow. It really does suck for those poor animals. I only go to petsmart to buy treats, toys, and clothes for my dog. But man how could they do this? Petsmart should be shut down.

  14. Polish Ballora Animations

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?!

  15. skyla woloch

    This is just fucking sickning why would people not shut this down for good what the hell animals don’t deserve this type of abuse

  16. W A N N A P L A Y ? ? ?

    i’m not buying from petco ever EVER. again

  17. Socks

    I’m a animal lover… this made me cry to see what humanity and petco/petsmart really does. I’m looking foward to getting a ferret. This is NOT the way animals should be treated. Animals should be living free and having a good life, fresh food, fresh water.. and just LOOK at their water and food! It’s terrible!

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