Animal Radio Interview with Melain Rodriguez of ViaGen Pets

Melain Rodriguez, Client Service Manager of ViaGen Pets, joined Animal Radio on April 23, 2016 to discuss pet cloning and pet genetic preservation.

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From ViaGen Pets We have Melain Rodriguez. She is the client service manager joining us.

Hi Melain, welcome to the show.

Hi there. I’m happy to be here.

So we’ve been talking over the last few weeks about ViaGen Pets and learning what you guys are all about. Now, if we wanted to get involved with cloning our pet, tell us the process we’d go through.

Well, the first step to cloning you pet is genetic preservation. Genetic preservation is a safe and simple way for pet parents to preserve genetic materials from their pets that can be used for cloning either right away or at any point down the road.

Does it hurt?

Well, it can be done under a local or a general anesthesia. So it starts with a simple, small skin biopsy that’s done by the pet veterinarian. A good time to consider having the biopsy done is during a routine procedure such as a spade or a neuter or dental cleaning.

Oh really, just always have it on hand is what you’re saying?


What are some of the reasons that we might want to genetically preserve our animal’s DNA?

Well, some pet owners choose genetic preservation as a way to honor and give eternal respect to the special bond they shared with their pet. Some clients get a sense of peace knowing they have a tangible connection to a special pet that they can’t imagine living without. And then of course some choose genetic preservation now with the intention of cloning later.

Are there any reasons that we’d want to preserve our pets’ DNA for their health?

Well, genetic preservation can eventually be used for current or future cell-based therapies.

How much does something like this cost?

The genetic preservation fee is normally $1,600 but we currently have a special offer for those folks who call in and mention that they heard about us on Animal Radio.

Oh, wow. OK. I thought it was going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars for something like this. But this is actually affordable.


How can we learn more?

To find out more about us, you can visit us online at or give me a call directly at 888-876-6104.

Melain, thank you so much for joining us today.

Thank you.

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