Animal Radio Interview with Blake Russell of ViaGen Pets

Blake Russell, President of ViaGen Pets, joined Animal Radio on April 23, 2016 to discuss pet cloning and pet genetic preservation.

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We’ll head back to the phones in just a second toll free at 1866 405 8405 but first I want to visit with the top dog at ViaGen Pets. We welcome to the show Blake Russell.
Hi Blake. How Are You Doing?
I’m great how are you?
Very good. Tell us what ViaGen Pets is and what you guys do.
ViaGen Pets offers genetic preservation and cloning services to pet parents around the world. A cloned puppy or a kitten is an identical twin to the client’s chosen pet.

What is genetic preservation? I understand cloning, but I don’t know what genetic preservation is.

And why do you do that?

So genetic preservation is the first step that a client would take when they think about cloning their dog or their cat. So they take their cat or their dog to the veterinarian and they take a very small skin biopsy. Each cell in that biopsy contains all the DNA necessary to produce an identical twin to that puppy or kitten.

Could that be used in the future for health reasons?

It could potentially. I mean the first and foremost reason to do that
would be that we can produce that cell line and cryopreserve that into perpetuity so they can access it in the future for cloning. But it could also be available potentially for some therapeutic use down the road.

Are people getting into this? Are pet owners saying, hey this is what I want to do. I want to clone or genetically preserve my animal?

The response has been terrific. So, we’ve been delivering cloned kittens now since mid November to clients around the world and we have some pretty exciting news coming soon about our puppy program and we have clients again from all over. They’re excited they can now have their cloned puppy or kitten produced in the United States. And it’s just going very well. Great response.

And the ones that have been born so far, all healthy. I understand you had one just born in February. The first dog?

So our kittens have been delivered over time, yes, they’re all veterinarian inspected healthy before delivery and we are about to have some very exciting puppy news and yes, that puppy, she’s doing fantastic.

This is so intriguing. If people want to learn more, is there a website?

Yes. They should visit us at or contact us at 888 876-6104.

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