Amanda Seyfried on David Letterman Show (Dog Trick)

18 Responses to Amanda Seyfried on David Letterman Show (Dog Trick)

  1. K Lu

    That dog is gorgeous

  2. Marcelina Kul

    I Love pets. I have two dogs

  3. Grace Mitchell

    I love you, Amanda Seyfried!!! You are so cute and beautiful! Love you!!

  4. Thea Maisie

    Honestly she’s really confused and I can tell. When she get Finn she feels so awesome when Finn comes out.

  5. Charlotte Hart

    i feel like in all of her interviews she is like done with all the hosts and shes just like when can i get back to my dog

  6. Jasmine Tanner

    What’s the movie called?

  7. Brooklyn White

    Is it just me or did Amanda seem a little off

  8. Cecelia P.R.

    she seems so bored

  9. Zombie ZH himer

    What a entitled Bubble-Headed Bleach Blond. I owned several dogs in my life and everyone of them could do this easily.

  10. Ross Rubio

    Making Dave genuinely laugh wasn't the norm. He dug, and got her humor.

  11. Ahmad Shahin

    Hi amanda seyfried from kurdstan in south hawler

  12. don ice

    Is this dog a stuffed animal now?

  13. Erica Carter

    I love how she says, she's codependent. Lol I feel that way with my bf's dog when he is away working on a boat.

  14. ayas abdulridha

    She is soooooooo dumb …..thumbs up

  15. Jared white

    Dave is a horrible host an interviewer


    She seems put off by Letterman

  17. Raging Chicken

    A hard question… which is cuter……

  18. Kanade Lapis

    I feel bad for the twats who don't understand she has anxiety and an awkward, dead pan sense of humor.

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