Amanda Seyfried Is Obsessed With Taxidermied Animals – CONAN on TBS

But she’s not wrong when she says it’s cheaper than having a live pet. More CONAN @

20 Responses to Amanda Seyfried Is Obsessed With Taxidermied Animals – CONAN on TBS

  1. Annalisa Zucchi

    It's so pathetic that a trait so weird is considered hot just because she's beautiful

  2. Nina Sundström

    She is so weird…. I love it

  3. Lauren ____

    What exactly is taxidermy?

  4. NatalieNumie

    I wanted to do this too my dog but it was too late! Something comforting about it

  5. Christel Fine

    I like the way Coconut's hair floops.

  6. ruby craig

    Norman bates who

  7. Rimsha Khalid

    I love animals

  8. Adarsh Soni

    I love taxidermy as well! Amanda loves beautiful as usual

  9. Kevin Jones

    She has a collection of all her exes too

  10. Asad Hussein

    She’s insane

  11. jun sotaridona

    i knew it….! i knew those animals are paid actors…

  12. Terri L

    I never knew Amanda Seyfried was so damn weird, bordering on creepy, lol!

  13. rav ernot

    you know she murders people because- they're so much easier

  14. Sarah Bear

    Obvious monarch programming…

  15. LeandrothekidRS

    Conan sounds sick af

  16. WHATWHAT willis

    she's lonely

  17. Fabio Morandi

    By Ancient Egyptian standards, this woman's home is full of religious icons XD

  18. Kamila Rojas

    Man that's horrible

  19. Betelgeuse

    Just as much fun as Aubrey Plaza.

  20. Diane Berg

    When you're that good looking, you can be awkward and creepy.

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