Amanda Seyfried: Adopting My Dog Finn ‘Changed My Life’ | TODAY

As well as an actress, Amanda Seyfried is a doting mom – to Finn, a dog she met on the set of the HBO series “Big Love” who has now become an Instagram star in his own right. She tells TODAY about her work as a passionate ambassador for the Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization.
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Amanda Seyfried: Adopting My Dog Finn ‘Changed My Life’ | TODAY

13 Responses to Amanda Seyfried: Adopting My Dog Finn ‘Changed My Life’ | TODAY

  1. Ben G

    that dog can ran for congress and he'll win the way he manipulated us all with that face!

  2. Stacey Walker

    Dont know who she is…..bit I do now and LOVE her cuz she LOVES her dog!! Anyone who loves their pets or animals an treats them good are great!! Proverbs 12; 10…..

  3. Soldierboymedia

    they look so similarly…

  4. Renttu

    Could you please ask her if she would adopt another, different Finn(ish)?

  5. sarah laloe

    what breed is he?

  6. Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice

    "I don't remember my life before him"
    Awwwwwhhhh :') So happy she found some'one' to make her so happy in life :')

  7. Yanping Kee

    her dog is so cute and good looking damnn

  8. deepali zinta

    I love her dog!!

  9. Hara H.

    Her dog is beautiful

  10. Ednia Gutierrez


  11. Joyce Gibbs

    if I didn't love her before, she's an animal lover. LOVE YOU MANDY xxxx

  12. Antoniø Brah

    Sorry guys, she's in a relationship with her dog

  13. Yeager Jag

    Man, I hope she has family & friends around when the day comes all pet owns dread.

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