Advanced Taxidermy

GetReeled went to Advanced Taxidermy in Caledon, Ontario Canada to check out how fish replications are made.

12 Responses to Advanced Taxidermy

  1. shimmen takezo

    it's about 20 000 for a taxidermy and only 15000 for a simple copy

  2. ethan white

    where in ontario are you guys

  3. Donnie Dunn

    this really amazed me!!!

  4. sayhitomyfamas

    This is so cool!

  5. Justin Toler

    These guys are expensive but they let me see their production area before and their work is amazing

  6. Grok!

    They also do birds and mammals. Just the fish mounting is covered in this video.

  7. Zach Gnatkowski

    He says "taxermy"

  8. ricardoapari1

    Taxidermy? where? just replicas……..however nice job.

  9. ThaoTitans

    how much is it?

  10. MonoRacer

    great work, must be expensive but this is what i call real art, i like the fact that u can see ur trophy fish on the wall, but killing it is not worth that too me!

    but this is awesome, and it looks much better then a dead fish on ur wall or wherever u put it!

    great job!

  11. GetReeled Fishing

    @deairriusmcclain These are fish replicas. Advanced Taxidermy does do skin mounts as well. ALl reproductions are done by using a photo of the fish.

  12. GetReeled Fishing

    @donkeyboy260 We announced the contest winner this morning. On the Get Largemouth page

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