5 Minutes to Fresh — ORIJEN Freeze Dried Dog Food



Just like raw foods, ORIJEN freeze-dried foods and treats are prepared without cooking, so nothing is lost to heat or processing and the natural goodness of our authentically fresh regional ingredients is fully retained.

We begin by flash-freezing our fresh ingredients to lock in their goodness. Then, using extremely low temperature in pressurized chambers, our 18-hour freeze-drying process converts the frozen water locked in our ingredients directly to vapor— without cooking and without losing any of their health-giving juices.

And that means all the nutrients stay in the food (exactly where they should be!) for a food experience your dog will truly love.

For more information visit our website www.orijen.ca or contact our Customer Care Team at 1 (877) 939.0006 or www.orijen.ca/contact/

17 Responses to 5 Minutes to Fresh — ORIJEN Freeze Dried Dog Food

  1. Tanja Bergmann

    Das aller beste,gesündeste und artgerechtes Futter,ist Barfen u.Orijen,wir nehmen das Orijen schon seid Jahren,und sind mehr wie Zufrieden!!!Mit 85% Frisch Fleisch,Fisch,Gemüse,Obst u.Kräuter!!!!Für Allergiker geeignet!!!!Ohne Getreide,ohne Füllstoffe,ohne Zucker,ohne Geschmacksverstärker,ohne Farb u.Konservierung Stoffe,ohne tierische Nebenerzeugnisse!!!!

  2. Tanja Bergmann

    Also wir haben eine Austr.Shepherd Hündin 5 Jahre alt,wir füttern das Hundefutter Orijen und Acana,und wir können das Futter bei Hunden und Katzen nur empfehlen,sehr gesund,für Allergiker geeignet,ohne Getreide,ohne Füllstoffe,ohne Zucker,ohne Geschmacksverstärker,ohne Farb u.Konservierung Stoffe,ohne tierische Nebenerzeugnisse,ohne Fleischmehl!!! Mit sehr viel Frisch Fleisch mindestens 70%_85% Frisch Fleisch,Fisch,Gemüse,Obst und Kräuter,lauter gesunde Dinge,Hypo Allergen, für uns gibt es nur Orijen u.Acana,oder Barfen!!!! Euer Hund wird sich freuen wenn er das Futter bekommt,weil er viel Agiler ist,das Fell glänzt,die Haut ist super,die Gelenke sind besser,Darm Regulierend,keine breiigen Stuhlgang mehr,der Hund verwertet es viel besser,der Kot ist dunkler stinkt nicht und ist fester und kleine Haufen,sehr gut für Magen u.Darm,kein glanzloses, stumpfes Fell mehr,kleine trockene Haut keine Hautirrtationen, Allergien,der Hund ist topfit u.gesund,super Futter,die Produkte von Orijen,das Futter ist sehr gesund und artgerechte !!!!Wir können das Futter nur empfehlen!!!Auch die Leckerlis von Orijen sind super,die nehmen wir auch immer!!!!

  3. Leslie Gallo

    OMG, I have a 145 pound dog. I calculated that I would need to feed him 22 medallions per day at a cost of about $1.15 per medallion. So it would cost $25 PER DAY to feed my dog. Pass.

  4. cikopelo

    LMAO dogs eating better than some humans

  5. Bahaneh Abbasi Clayton

    Do you have Orijen freeze dried food for puppy?

  6. dsn1964

    Orijen has a web site. Yes. they have cat food and cat treats….along with the dog food and dog treats.

  7. sager153

    THE BEST food in so many ways, it's ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Henrika16

    When are the cat formulas coming? I feed the dog ones to my cats every so often, but don't want to give them too much as tourine % isn't listed like on cat foods.

  9. Cartoon Artisan

    This food really is the best commercial pet food available… but the freeze-dried is so outrageously expensive.

  10. Italianoleone Italia

    Please speak slower.

  11. MaRS vS

    Can't wait to switch my APBT over full time to Orijen. He's still on his Blue Wilderness Puppy kibble, and I will start making the transition when he reaches 8 months old which will be in February. 

  12. Donna Trimble

    My maltipoo LOVES this and cries for five minutes while it rehydrates! Seriously, he does every trick he knows hoping to rush the rehydration! It is ridiculous!

  13. vitticeps

    You really mean "5 minutes to re-hydrated"

  14. SamsXO

    Hi champion. I am interested in trying the freeze dried products, and am looking for feeding guidelines: how many medallions come in each bag? I have three dogs, how many medallions would I give to a 50lb dog? A 20lb dog? A 10lb dog? Thanks so much!

  15. Big Dog World

    Orijen dog food is definitely one of our favourites. Top quality complete dog food with up to 80% meat content and no grains, this is a superb choice to give your dog the best nutrition and help keep them healthy. Free UK next day delivery on Orijen dog food and puppy food here: http://www.bigdogworld.co.uk/orijen-13-c.asp

  16. Auguste Comte

    do you have this for cats?

  17. Calvin Johnson

    Do i have to add water to the Freeze Dried food if i wanna mix it with is dry kibble??

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