29-Pound Shelter Cat Makes Waves On Social Media

A 29-pound cat looking for a home is garnering social media attention.

5 Responses to 29-Pound Shelter Cat Makes Waves On Social Media

  1. Kernel Clips

    6th comment

  2. James Currie

    That looks like the cat we have. Tho the cat is 17 years old.

  3. Grimm_ Ace

    Been eating too many meatballs.

  4. RebelRadius

    Just as humans are increasingly over weight and diabetic, exactly the same trend as with cats. Weight and diabetes have nothing to do with exercise, but everything to do with nutrition. Get that cat off processed food and its weight will fall off.
    The cat is more than likely diabetic by now and needs to be eating real foods that are real meat or egg yolk. Processed food will kill it. Pet food manufacturers, just like human food manufacturers, replace real foods with cheaper supplements like vegetable oils, soy products, sugar and excitotoxins. Back a few years ago when these products were not mainstream, there were no obesity or diabetes problems or for that matter coronary issues either.

  5. not Ainsley

    "and then there were the memes"
    -after anything on the internet.

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