24 Strangest Animal Taxidermy Photos

From funny stuffed animals that look so unreal to the bizarre and strange ways some animals are posed after death. Check it out!

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15. Guinea Pig Mobile
For those of you who are familiar with the movie “steampunk” you may understand what this is referring to. This photo features a guinea pig time machine and is quite detailed. If you are considering getting into this strange hobby or even profession, they claim mice or guinea pigs are best to start with, FYI.

14. Mouse Mouse
Each time were on a computer were normally touching a mouse but this kind of mouse probably won’t be available for purchase at your local Best Buy. This mouse was taxidermied as a mouse and as long as you don’t mind touching dead animal skin each time you’re online, this could be right up your alley. Next time you hear that mouse trap go off, keep in mind there are instructions online how to make this thing.

13. Hey Hey Hey
This bobcat looks absolutely fabulous and seems to be posing for a selfie rather than as a trophy. What might be a botched taxidermy left his mouth wide open but turned out to be a somewhat amusing pose. Anyone up for some cosmos? Drinks are on me!

14. Monkey Wings
Don’t you wish there were still monkeys that hang around bars to serve you drink? This monkey here was always the life of the party until his owner decided to have him stuffed. The service here really can’t be any faster, considering the fact that he has wings.

13. Til death do us part
En garde! These two squirrels fought to the death and the loser would have to be taxidermied. Or wait.. Looks like both lost in this case. Some people seriously seem to have too much time on their hands. Who would have thought of fencing squirrels?

12. More Fencing Mice
Why does everyone feel the need to display mice with swords? Who do they think they are, the mouseketeers or something? Can’t tell exactly what type of creatures are watching this make believe battle but it might be some type of gerbil. We can only pray that whoever made this will find a life some day.

11. Cat Bag
Stacy Haiduk decided to bring this unnecessary to the daytime Emmy’s in 2009 and she managed to shock many people. This faux fur pas was made from a fake cat but it’s believed that she was trying to make a statement about fur being worn at award shows or in general. According to a poll 86 percent of people thought it was a fake cat while others think it looks too realistic to be fake. What do you think?

10. Gun Slinging Squirrel
“What’s a city slicker like yourself doing in a bar like this?” You can really tell this squirrel wants to start some trouble. Even if nobody’s hurting it, or at least not at this moment. Complete with the dual revolvers this squirrel was made to look like a true cowboy squirrel.

9. Holy Mouse
If you think taxidermy is a sin, you should really confess your guilty conscious to the holy mouse. Instead of money, he will accept a piece of cheese as a donation. Some one here even took the time to make a little priest outfit for him. Has the world lost its mind? Has mass insanity of the world finally arrived?

8. Squirrel on Display
This one here seems to look like it’s posing for a painting or photo shoot. Are you going to paint me like one of your French girls already or just sit there and stare?

7. Lord of the Pine cone
My precious! You really don’t want to try snatching the pinecone away from this thing! Really hard to tell what exactly it is, let alone, not be extremely creeped out.

6. Cheetah Chair
This one here looks like he swallowed a bench or a log or something! This is what happens when you get a discounted price on your cheetah taxidermy jobs. At least he’ll make a sturdy bench for someone.

5. Zombie Ferret
And you thought for sure this thing was dead after you stuffed it! Well you ought to think again because this zombie ferret is thirsty for revenge as well as your brains.

4. Pig Turkey
This pig turkey was not made in a laboratory but most likely by either a butcher with too much time on his hands or a taxidermist looking to shock more people. Pig Turkeys have also been known to be put in ovens and cooked during banquets. The carnivorous guests would enjoys a pig flavored turkey leg once the piece is finished. But after looking through all the strange taxidermist photos, you have to wonder if this might go up on someone’s wall.

3. He’s watching you
This is usually what you look like when you’re getting to the end of video and you wonder what’s next! This monkey was made in a bizarre fashion with his eyes slightly bulging out.

2. Have Mercy!
This taxidermist got a little bit graphic during his last creation. This really seems like something out of a horror film.

1.Rude Groundhog
This groundhog is staying in his hole on february 2nd and he really doesn’t that you will have to suffer through a longer winter!

8 Responses to 24 Strangest Animal Taxidermy Photos

  1. Wild Cheetah

    Taxi as in art dermy as in skin.

  2. Wild Cheetah

    Taxidermy is not creepy and its not the creepiest job in the world. Its art.

  3. Smol Meme

    that was sewed on to the fish of a tail

  4. HEAVY g gaming

    it's a Capricorn


    At 0:51 that's a chipmunk.

  6. Conor O'Brien

    taxidermy is really creepy

  7. TakeOff MWMC

    So the Feegee Mermaids are from " the fish of a tail", you say???? Wow, I hope you show us how THAT works in the next video…ha na ha ha!!!

  8. Christie Willey

    Mole is watching the mice.

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