2000 AQHA World Show Perpetual Tradition

15 Responses to 2000 AQHA World Show Perpetual Tradition

  1. DoubleDogDare54

    I was taught that a virtue carried to excess will become a fault.

    Obviously these dudes believe a fault carried to excess becomes a virtue…

  2. Jesús Gonzalez

    grava todos wey

  3. Marit Aslaksen

    Stupidest animals in the universe.. 

  4. Annie Keller

    Oh god no. Beefcaaaaake

  5. gowestqh

    He is NN. Every horse discipline has it's evils. If you don't like it that is okay…….but your negative comments are just that….. negative.

  6. gowestqh

    The chain is used like a bit.

  7. kaden maclaren

    i want to know is he HYPP N/H or what? cause my god this is crazy

  8. wvsteadman

    GUYS, ITS NOT MUSCLE OR ANYTHING ELSE on his gigantic rear end. Its FAT. These are called halter horses and they usually don't live past the age of 5 or 6 because they are held in their stall all day and given SO much food. Its cruel and inhumane. Then they wrap neoprene bands around several parts of their body to make them sweat off weight in only certain parts. Do think this is healthy? Trust me, they had one at a barn I used to ride at.

  9. Heather Allan

    why do they need the chain through the mouth

  10. SilkShadow5183

    YUMMY <3 <3 <3


  11. Tristan Landacre

    i like his gate hes wonderfull


    Definitely form over function with these guys…. Halter fads ruin breeds. :/

  13. Fernando Souza

    Muito lindo do que e capaz a natureza. perfeito !!!

  14. gowestqh

    He has a great one!

  15. Tabitha Wainscott

    Look at that Butt!

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