20 Million Animals Preserved In Alcohol | Earth Unplugged

The Spirit Collection in London’s Natural History Museum is home to over 20 million dead animal specimens, collected from around the world. They are preserved and kept for research and educational purposes. Lizzie Daly met up with Ollie Crimmen, Senior Curator of Fish to find out a little more.

Behind–the-Scenes tours of the Spirit Collection operate daily and can be booked online or upon arrival at the Natural History Museum. More information can be found here www.nhm.ac.uk/events/behind-the-scenes-tour-the-spirit-collection.html

Additional footage of the museum: © The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London [2017]. All rights reserved.

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17 Responses to 20 Million Animals Preserved In Alcohol | Earth Unplugged

  1. ZandWheet

    Pretty cool.

  2. TheAlecPowers

    So if I fill myself with alcohol I'll live forever?

  3. N03L 10

    Pretty sure I saw a pickled doggo in a test tube, that made me sad. She is also getting paid to look at dead animals in alcohol which also makes me sad

  4. NoTtOtAcTiCaL BLR

    I could seriously spend all day there

  5. Bee Man

    I too wish tO BE PICKLed

  6. Jonathan Gréen

    I remember when I went with my dad to his work as a kid to the biology institution where he reseached beetles. There I saw a fetus in a jar. Just standing there at a shelf in the lobby. It was very macabre.

  7. Jonathan marvel saptrasto saptrasto

    Coelocanth come back to life from extinction.

  8. 10 piece mcnuggets

    i understand that she’s only a host but wow she rlly said that the squid was a mollusk AND a species in 2 a second timeframe

  9. Sami Seth

    How could you return without seeing the Phirana..!!!

  10. Nobody Cares

    So… The one who kept it lived 20 millions years ago?

  11. Ivan Fućak

    Drunk animals going wild

  12. XxXPrussianGamerXxX

    Hitler killed 6 million but in reality we killed 20 million innocent animals

  13. sound

    what happen if u drink that water guys?

  14. Dargunsh

    Disgusting… poor animals

  15. Om vlogs

    This might be us one day

  16. V.S. Lather

    From where these bring specimens

  17. Hamish Woollett

    Cool fact I learnt when visiting this museum. One should describe multiple swimming creatures of the same species fish and multiple of different species fishes. 1 red fish, 2 red fish , 2 red and 1 blue fishes.

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