17 World’s Most Incredible Animal Sanctuaries

These 17 amazing animal sanctuaries aim to preserve every type of animal wildlife from house cats to while elephant and hippo!

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9. Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary
The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center In East Malaysia opened in 1964 and covers a dense, forest rainforest area of 10,610 acres. Many baby orangutans are rescued from illegal hunting, plantations, and logging sites. They are raised and trained to be able to survive on their own again in the wild. Once they are old enough and able to fend for themselves, the orangutans are released back into the forest to join their wild orangutan companions.

8. Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary
The Noah’s Ark animal sanctuary in Georgia, United States is a non-profit organization that provides food and shelter for over 1000 animals. The animals range from exotic tigers, lions, and bears to domesticated farm animals like horses, cows, ducks, and sheep. The bear, lion, and tiger housed there have become unlikely friends ever since they were rescued from abusive owners.

7. The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary located in Utah is home to many adorable domesticated animals on 33,000 acres of beautiful landscape. It is considered one of America’s most well-known animal sanctuaries, and visitors get cheerful when they interact with many of friendly residents found at the site. Currently, there are over 1,700 homeless and neglected domesticated animals that have found a home at the American refuge.

6.Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary
Ghana, a country in West Africa, is home to the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary, a project dedicated to preserving the environment a 40 km long stretch along the Black Volta River in Northwest Ghana. There is only one remaining hippo population that resides in the river today, so it is up to the scientists and volunteers at the Hippo Sanctuary to keep it thriving and safe.

5. Bat Sanctuary
The Bat Sanctuary is a non-profit organization in Texas dedicated to the preservation of wild and domestic bat populations. Bats are clean, intelligent, and friendly creatures that play a pivotal role in the ecosystem. Fruit and nectar bats provide humans with many products and medicine, through seed dispersal and pollination, used in enhancing our lives. Approximately 98% of rainforest regrowth is due to seed-dropping bats, and they also eat many insects harmful to humans. The Bat Sanctuary aims to reduce abuse towards bats and to save them from harsh conditions that are brought about by human activity.

4. The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife preservation site on the island of Tasmania off the coast the south coast of Australia. Many animals found on this remote island cannot be found anywhere else in the world, so their continued existence is of much importance to wildlife enthusiasts. The sanctuary is a 24-hour operating rescue service dedicated to saving thousands of exotic and endangered species. Visitors can get up close and personal to Tasmanian devils, like these smiling folks in this underground biodome.

3. Big Cat Rescue Animal Sanctuary
Big Cat Rescue is an animal sanctuary situated near Tampa, Florida. It is devoted to rescuing, housing, and caring for exotic felines like tigers, lions, leopards, and jaguars. The sanctuary is composed of 67 acres, which provides ample room for the large cats to play and flourish. Big Cat Rescue began operating in 1992 and has since had 1000s of visitors come to the site every year. The main goal of the organization is to end ownership, poaching, and trade of exotic, endangered felines by private individuals.

2.This domesticated and exotic animal sanctuary is situated in Phelan, California and hosts an array of incredible and unique animals. After discovering the awful truths that leave exotic animal species devastated, abused, and without a proper home, Joel, the co-founder, started this animal reservation site. Now, the wildlife that resides there is safe, cared for, and provided with a loving family and safe home.

1. Save the Chimps Animal Sanctuary
Save the Chimps is a chimpanzee haven and animal rescue organization that resides in Fort Pierce, Florida. The large multitude of chimps that take refuge there have been saved from experimental use by scientists, the entertainment industry, and pet trading. The sanctuary was established in 1997 and currently houses over 250 chimpanzees, each of whom have a special place in the hearts of the people who take care of them. Supporters of this foundation can make personal contributions either through donations or by adopting a chimp themselves. The animal shelter is cautious of who they adopt their chimps to make sure they are given a loving home.

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  1. ferretgirl013

    Farm animal sanctuary : cows, goats, pigs, sheeps lol

  2. Lucille de Lorme

    Seeing that people are helping animals in these sanctuaries gives me a little hope as I'm usually appalled and heartbroken by the cruelty and abuse that humans frequently inflict on our fellow earthlings.

  3. Cory Vanderbaan

    I would rather have stem cell derived from sustainably farmed animals that are in loose numbers and forested spaces.

  4. Cory Vanderbaan


  5. Cory Vanderbaan

    That is why i despise peanut butter, due to palm plantations responsible for eradicating orangutans.

  6. Azhrarn

    You can adopt chimps?

  7. rahul bharti

    world's largest sanctuary????????


    pigs are gross and for fags

  9. Monica Pokemon

    Where are ze wolves ;-: and go big cat rescue!

  10. clrtnoll01

    Did I miss it, or was the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado not on the list? If it wasn't, that's a bit surprising. Animal Defenders International has actually sent rescued animals there. It's a pretty cool place, and is constantly expanding to be able to take in more animals. If I remember correctly, they have about 700 acres and over 300 animals, mainly lions and tigers, but also a few bears and wolves.

  11. Amelia Duvall-Douglas

    I'm surprised you didn't have Kevin Richardson's Wildlife Sanctuary in your list! That place is incredible and what he is trying to do as well.

  12. Adara Cerecky

    Yess I'm early!

  13. SAC8897tengo

    Care rescue Texas

  14. Jo Rimmer

    you forgot monkey world

  15. Ben Wood

    in the big cat rescue picture one of the helpers is wearing jaguar skin pants. thats ironic

  16. Cooking for Kids

    The baby bear at 3:48 is just too cute

  17. Hunter Rush


  18. Susannah Ayres-Thomas

    I can't believe you folks left off "The Cats' House on the Kings" cat sanctuary. Look it up: it's amazing!

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