15 Taxidermy Fails That Deserve a Refund

Odds are, if it is worth sending off to a professional taxidermist, it’s worth remembering. When done correctly, taxidermy is a time-honored art that restores harvested animals to near life-like perfection. From the glint in that buck’s eyes to the moisture on its nose, a great taxidermist is an expert at paying attention to the details. However, some projects turn out…not as well. We’re not exactly sure what happened to these specimens, but the end results range from hilarious to terrifying.

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14 Responses to 15 Taxidermy Fails That Deserve a Refund

  1. Tomasz Willmington

    0.25 Ayyy lmao!

  2. Rachael Dutton

    haha take your animal to lock n load sporting goods you wont regret it in the slightest seriously check out there face book page

  3. The House of Jokes

    This is a well put together video. Thanks a lot for the effort that you put in.

  4. Lance Lockhart

    the deer in the beginning looks like ja ja binks. and the bobcat looks gay for some reason. not that theres anything wrong w that….

  5. Lance Lockhart

    we're these pulled out of the quarter robotic jaw machine in Denny's?

  6. Betta Fish

    maybe they already looked that way to begin with LOL

  7. Have a great day!

    I actually really love the second to last one.

  8. ExodiOS

    The bear looked high

  9. banana king

    :28 i'v seen some stuff man!

  10. Jake TheRattlesnake

    0:30 had me like :3

  11. Xeokym

    It's true, most of these are bad taxidermy, but a few of them are just old and starting to fall apart. The glue keeping the skin around the eyes fixed sometimes disintegrates and they start to look "scared" rather than ferocious. But a lot of them it's just untalented work, they come off looking like cartoon characters. Or worse. LOL

  12. Roman Amaya

    these them special ed animals that got caught

  13. John Davis

    0:04 the doemunk
    0:16 the giraffalope
    0:24 heyyyyyyy
    0:40 five nights at freddys

  14. fillipe malta


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