12-Year-Old Taxidermist Loves Collecting Stuffed Animals

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Meet the 12-year-old taxidermist who shares his bedroom with 75 stuffed animals and even keeps ROADKILL in his family’s freezer at home.

Archie Crawford, from Kidlington, Oxfordshire started his unusual hobby aged seven, after he found hedgehog bones under a porta cabin at his primary school.

After reading about taxidermy online, the curious youngster became fascinated with the craft and amassed a 75-strong collection of stuffed animals including a buzzard, a racoon, a marmot and even an armadillo.

Archie is not afraid to get his hands dirty and loves nothing more than working on animals himself.

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13 Responses to 12-Year-Old Taxidermist Loves Collecting Stuffed Animals

  1. Bioraptor 360

    I'm just the same…. noice man

  2. hybridkiller 9017

    Am fine with taxidermys but a whole collection weird it should be at a museum

  3. Conor O'Connell

    Amazed to see the ignorance and stupidity of some people , it takes a true artist to create truly good taxidermy, granted there are a few 'weirdos' in the business with dressed up mice/that kind of shit which give the hobby a bad name but most taxidermists are passionate nature lovers and often artists

  4. LampRed

    I have the same blinds as him

  5. Dominic Vanwyck

    There was FOOD in the freezer with the dead squirrel

  6. pasxalis gosios

    fuck you mum

  7. Joe Bloggs

    it's cool you do your own taxidermy at your age. it's an expensive hobby I find

  8. darkwolf262

    I envy this kid. I've always wanted a taxidermied wolf head and or wolf rug. Beautiful animals though. 😀

  9. lonely is the word

    let's just hope he won't become the next Jeffrey Dahmer

  10. animelover 13 girl

    I know that kid so shut up

  11. Zombie Wolf

    Ummm is that kid right in the head!!!!!

  12. Evan

    Guess the idiot parents haven't heard of Norman Bates. Next story you see of him will be after he's stuffed them.

  13. ryan mcm

    fucked up kid and the parents are fucked up for allowing it to happen.

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