10 Percent Perpetual Motion Ram Pump

I had some pipes and things for doing a DIY on my bath tub, and stumbled on some interesting articles about water powered ram pumps… so I got a couple of 1 way valves, added an water bottle (we have a water brand called pump here in New Zealand) and 3 kids for an afternoon of technical madness… I have to say I didn’t think it would work, so was most happy with the results. I call it a 10% Perpetual Motion Ram Pump, it’s sounds cool too, listen for rythmic sound of free energy.

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  1. Richard s

    You need a valve on the other side of the bottle…Then you could cut off the valve…let the pressure build…then open the valve and it would have better flow. No perpetual motion though.

  2. Edmundo Dante


  3. Christopher Diaz

    Put the invention inside the water supply tank

  4. Suliman Suliman

    I don't know what is the edia

  5. Aaron Alkarim

    we losses too much water than to flow tht.

  6. Andy Ball

    its the efficiency that intrigues me, 90% loss, so 10m people to do one persons work…………………….sub-continent thinking

  7. swamy babu

    I think it must be due to the available potential energy with the inlet water bucket/tank. While inlet water flowing downward, a part of potential energy is stored in the bottle as pressure/raising internal energy which helps in pumping the water upward. I think it will stop pumping if the pressure in the bottle is equal to the head pressure in the out let pipe and also as inlet pressure drops the pumping of stops. This is all due to the potential energy you supplied to the inlet water tank.

  8. Giancarlo Giacobbo

    Non è una novità, si chiama "ariete idraulico". Gia' nella Firenze del 1300 i palazzi gentilizi lo utilizzavano per portare l'acqua ai piani più alti.

  9. snipermx malayaklan

    90% to the government, 10 % to the people.

  10. Johndereen Sy

    Stupid video!!!! What is the use if more water wasted than getting it!!!!

  11. Ronson ¡n s¡n California

    what if you ad a 2nd bottle where you lose it in a bucket,and while in motion tho

  12. Santosh songara

    ye kya he chutiya panti he

  13. Yanni Pavlou

    Music is TOO LOUD…!!!

  14. enticed2zeitgeist

    How could this be useful?

  15. Eric Lee

    I have seen this work a bit better with the over flow valve and pressure vessel side in opposite arrangement. It does obey a couple laws of physics however. Also input volume and velocity, as well as pressure vessel capacity will both determine the efficiency of the pump's performance.

  16. GFormica1

    Although this is not perpetual motion, there seens to be a net gain in energy…
    ie: The energy of the water feeding the pump from x height, is less then the energy coming out.
    The pump seems to be creating energy…

  17. Warren Garabrandt

    This is a well known kind of pump that follows laws of conservation of energy. There is nothing "perpetual motion" about this, as turning off the supply water will immediately stop the pump.  Please don't use such nonsense titles.

  18. Sufiyan Khan

    thats more like 3%, anyways good work 😀

  19. tpp2001

    The bottle is a pressure tank not a vacuum chamber.

  20. radiowallofsound

    people nowadays put "perpetual motion" and "free energy" just to catch views…. nice pump btw

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