10 Food Preservation Tips in 60 Seconds

Nobody likes to waste food and to keep yourself from doing so all you really need to do is store your food properly. With that in mind, the above 10 tips keep your food fresh in just 60 seconds.

Read the full post on why this all works over on Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/10-food-preservation-tips-in-60-seconds-1442183179

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20 Responses to 10 Food Preservation Tips in 60 Seconds

  1. Norrie DS

    In the video you said to put the milk on the top shelf cause it is colder.
    Actually it is colder on the bottom of the refrigerator. Pure Science. Cold air goes down and heat rises.

  2. Ras Ro

    You guys need to take high school science again.  Heat rises, cold sinks.  This means the coldest area of a fridge is the bottom.

    This means that all of your videos are now suspect and unreliable.

  3. Erebvs Dvx


    Bottom fridge is coooler than the upper shelf, and bread lasts WAY longer INSIDE the fridge.

  4. Yitzchak Epstein

    It's preferable to put lemon juice on your guacamole, to keep it from browning.

  5. rockerseven

    i just like the NES/SNES sounding background music lol

  6. TheToyReviewer

    GORGE TEKEI BROUGHT ME HERE. Like if he brought you here too!

  7. Casey Brown

    I keep my bread in the freezer, I don't eat bread very fast and it keeps for ages that way. Can toast it normally, male a sandwich with frozen bread and it's soft by lunch. Never had problems with it getting soggy or dried out either.

  8. yowzephyr

    The top shelf of the refrigerator is where it's coldest? I always assumed that the bottom was coldest because warm air rises and cold air flows down. So someone please tell me,  Why is the top shelf of the refrigerator the place where it is coldest??

  9. johnmcboston

    I do. stays fresh for weeks. 9and i don't like mold either)

  10. ficktao

    Damn! That music is annoying! Please don't do that anymore on other video's!!!

  11. Trixxuz

    You should separate apples from other fruits and vegetables, as it will make them ripen faster. The apples gives out ethylene, a plant hormone that haste ripening.
    Unless you to accelerate the process, then you're fine.

  12. Dan Thilman

    far better and easier to put the ice cream in a plastic bag than to cut it down to a lid that doesn't fit the new container

  13. Joebie Kong

    its 61 seconds!

  14. Zeg ik niet.

    That's what they say.

  15. Ray Sanchez

    Even Big supermarkets store their bread in a freezer to maintain freshness.

  16. Chill

    Actually, I've heard that freezing bread is a good long term preservation technique. That is, it's better than putting it in the refrigerator, which dries the bread.

  17. InsertNameHere

    My mom does. She buys like 3 loafs of bread. 1 to use then 2 in the freezer. When we need more bread we just take it out of the freezer and wait for it to defrost or toast it. It never gets moldy.

  18. e13373

    According to my extensive research within this field, fridges are coldest at the bottom shelf due to the fact that hot air rises.

  19. ShallowDepression

    People still eat bread? sheesshh

  20. Rūdolfs Helvigs

    i know some individuals, who does that

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