Fresh water fish preservation

How to preserve fresh water fish

White Crappie Painting for Taxidermy(Skin or Reproduction)

Dog-drawn perpetual motion machine

Dog-drawn perpetual motion machine

Animal Chiropractic..Dog gets spine adjusted!

Dr. Chris Cedars DC is adjusting inside a vet clinic here in Granite Bay, CA. This Border Collie, Zoom, qualified for the Cyno Sport International Dog Agility competition next week. This dog is a regular patient of Dr. Cedars who gets her spine checked to make sure there is no interference in the flow of … Continue reading

Chuck Testa’s Dogs

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Unboxing red fox soft mount

Hello! As I said in the video, this is my first ever professionally done taxidermy piece and I love him! His name is Lychen and his eyes are a beautiful shade of green. Disclaimer: I did not kill this animal and neither did the lovely woman who stuffed it for me. This fox was likely … Continue reading

Man Lives in Taxidermy House

ID: 1553396 An animal lover with no room for real pets has filled his tiny one bed flat with a host of exotic taxidermy, resin and huge cardboard cutout creatures instead. Since his partner passed away five years ago, Jim Carmichael, has splashed out more than £2,000 on his crazy collection, which includes an enormous … Continue reading

How to preserve an animal

preserving an animal fetus with isopropyl alcohol solution

Dry Ice vs Wasp Nest – Keeping Wasps as Pets

In this episode I use dry ice to catch the whole nest of hornets and relocate them into their new habitat. I get stung on the face. Raising wasps as pets; Think of it like an ant farm on steroids. Follow me!

5 Best Freeze Dried Dog Food in 2018 that You SHOULD Buy Today!

Latest Price, Deals and Details of Best Freeze Dried Dog Food Below 1. Halo Liv-A-Littles Grain Free Natural Dog Treats & Cat Treats 2. Primal Freeze Dried Pet Foods 3. Honest Kitchen The Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain 4. TruDog Real Meat Dog Food – Feed Me: Freeze Dried Raw Superfood for … Continue reading