chemicals used in fish preservation

Send the Pet Pee Pee to the Sewage

Send the Pet Pee Pee to the Sewage. How Oriental rug should Be Clean From Urine. Publish 09/21/2018 By Meir Martin, the owners of PetPeePee service. Nationwide Service. PetPeePee cleans your Oriental rug from urine by using the Dead Sea Cleaner and The New Machine ” The XpetPee.” PetPeePee A cleaning Process that makes sense.

Legendary Taxidermy

Another legendary mount from the Worlds Taxidermy Show. This one scored a 97 and only took a second place. That’s the risks of competition, there can always be another mount the judges like more. That is still the highest score we have received at a world show and I feel privileged to have worked on … Continue reading

The Halloween Adventures Of Simba The Best Italian Pizza Cat!

The Halloween Adventures Of Simba The Best Italian Pizza Cat! Thank you for supporting this channel. Donations can be made at Monthly contributions can be made via the Lucky Ferals PATREON at Boo Crew merchandise is available at Amazon Wish List: Perpetual Amazon Wish List (these items are always appreciated): … Continue reading

A Fascist Empire Crumbles ~ with Jim Willie Part 2

Click here for the full interview and commentary:

ARGUING with my pet “COBRA”, Pissy !!!

I’ve gotten so many requests to bring Pissy back onto the channel. Well, here’s a video of him in an argument with me, as always. Nothing new there. Oh, if you didn’t catch the joke, Pissy isn’t an actual Cobra (apart from him thinking he’s one). He’s a Western Hognose Snake (Heterodon nasicus). Comment down … Continue reading

On Huntre! Equine: International Polo and Pony Preservation

Polo players from the US, Kenya and Australia at the men’s international polo in November, 2016. With interviews of L. Somi Roy and Ed Armstrong of Huntre! Equine on how polo is being used to spotlight the state of pony preservation. By Stashd Films from Nagaland.

Stewart® Pro-Treat® Freeze Dried Liver Treats for Dogs Review I received this product free to review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Dog Food Review- Sojos Freeze Dried

Sojos is a great option for people that feed raw that need to travel with their dog.

Melain Rodriguez of ViaGen Pets On Animal Radio

ViaGen Pets is the leader in pet cloning and pet genetic preservation. For more information, please visit us at That freezing will damage the tissues. So, I hate to get calls when people tell me that the body’s been frozen. Because usually in that situation there’s nothing we can do. So refrigerating the body … Continue reading