Lovely Pet Zipper Preservation Fridge Food Storage Bag

Fridge Food Storage Bag
You can Storage food freely with this container. It can effectively maintain the delicious taste of food. Good for snacks, food storage at the refrigerator, also very convenient for travel, outdoor camping. You can also store dog snacks.


Easy to store food
Easy to use
Good For Health
Portable and easy to carry
Can extend food preservation

Non-toxic and strong sealing
Completely isolated from internal and external gas flow
Safe and environmentally friendly
The transparent design, placed in the refrigerator, easy to find
Size: S 15*10.5cm M 19.6*13.5cm
Brand new and high quality

Package Content:
S 4Pc Food Storage Bags
M 3 Pc Food Storage Bags
Package Size: 35cm x 35cm x 20cm

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