DIY Refrigerated Fish Food & Preservation

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1 Minute Gar Taxidermy Tutorial

In this video, I show you how to taxidermy your own gar in 1 Minute.

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Preservation Thursday Promo

Perpetual Clydesdales 2014 Plane Pull for United Way

June 22, 2014

Jennifer and the perpetual salad bar.

Jennifer and Sky enjoy eating from the perpetual salad bar several times a day.

Brown’s Taxidermy Commercial

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Two Headed Kitten – Taxidermy – Article on Taxidermy from Flog It TV show

Here’s something that grabbed my attention earlier today A Two Headed Kitten an Article of Taxidermy from Flog It Trad Secrets BBC TV show.Taxidermy is one of many fascinations having worked in the Natural History Museum in South Kensington London this is an excellent article on the subject from the perspective of the Auction House. … Continue reading

4 corners land preservation, UGN “waking up” ep 1 preview

Episode 1 of “Waking Up” is in the works! As previously stated, we want to hear from you. Send e-mails to: “Land Preservation”